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Who is this 'andrew' character?

I (Andrew) am a constantly aspiring multimedia designer and frequent lecturer who teaches predominantly design related topics at Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) in Vancouver, Canada. According to past student reviews I am somehow simultaneously 'awkward', 'a committed instructor' and 'should bring back the crazy professor hair'. Regardless of my inherent awkwardness, I take teaching seriously and strive to create as accommodating a learning environment as possible.

What is 'SIAT'? (said like 'see-at')

I imagine that the majority of those who are visiting this site are already well aware of what SIAT is; a glorious and terrifying amalgam of interdiscplinarity which will make you into a bundle of future-looking design awesomeness. As with any program SIAT is not without flaws, but I do believe that the theory and skills one learns in the program can be applied to a variety of domains and industries. Something that is more frequently necessary in today's ever-changing job market.

More about 'andrew'

You can (for better or for worse) find out more about me through the following avenues:

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